VEGAIN Plant-Based Mass Gainer 3kg

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Vegain Mass Gainer

Canada’s #1 best tasting plant-based gainer!

  • 68g OF PROTEIN
  • 677 CALORIES
  • 23g OF BCAAs & EAAs
  • 112g CLEAN CARBS (*Chocolate Milkshake values)

VEGAIN®’s Plant-Based Mass Gainer is an advanced muscle mass gainer designed for individuals looking to gain mass, build muscle or break through a current strength plateau - all without the negative side effects of whey.

With over 50% more protein per gram than the competition, clean ingredients, and a seriously delicious taste, there’s nothing holding you back from making the switch to VEGAIN®.

Do good for your body, the planet, and your peace of mind.

Directions for use:

Mix 3 or 4 scoops with 16-22 fl. oz. (480-650 ml) of water or your choice of plant-based milk. Shake vigorously. Drink immediately after training, or whenever in need of an extra dose of protein and calories.

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