CanPrev Rocket-T Testosterone Recharge 90Vcap

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CanPrev Rocket-T Testosterone Recharge

  • Promotes healthy free testosterone levels
  • Featuring clinically proven Testofen® fenugreek
  • With ashwagandha to increase resistance to stress

Losing muscle mass? Experiencing reduced sex drive? Feeling like you have less energy than you used to? When your performance is impacted in these ways, you may be suffering from low testosterone. A testosterone deficiency can even impact your mood, behavior and decision-making. It’s safe to say testosterone is an undeniably important hormone.

Testosterone is required for bone development, muscle mass and strength, fat distribution and the production of red blood cells and sperm. If you feel like you’re falling short in these areas, you could likely benefit from a little extra support.

CanPrev’s Rocket T is designed to promote healthy testosterone levels to help enhance athletic performance, support muscle growth and sex drive. Featuring Testofen®, a patented form of fenugreek clinically proven to support testosterone production, KSM66® ashwagandha and vitamins for increased resistance to stress and added minerals important for anabolic hormone production.

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