DRIPFIT Workout Intensifier

DRIPFIT Workout Intensifier

Hey, so we spent some time researching Dripfit as a company and the products they offered. This includes their Workout Intensifier, Arm Thigh and Waist bands, and their electrolyte drink mix. At first we were skeptical, as you would think putting a cream on your skin while training is a bit strange, and would probably not offer any benefits outside of possibly sweating a bit more. However, we were pleasantly surprised with the products effectiveness, and also some of the research that has been done.

Furthermore, we had the owner of the company, Brenley Cunningham, come to our store and do a product training so we could under even more about the products and be able to explain them with our customers. Overall we were very impressed and look forward to sharing these products with you, our customers!

Here is some more information on what we discovered about the Workout Intensifier, and a review of the study

FIRST, WHAT IS DRIPFIT Workout Intensifier?

DripFit is a 100% all- natural topical intensifier which was created to help improve performance, sweat production and enhance skin tone. The combination of ingredients act as a poultice which, after being applied topically to an area, will effectively draw water to the skin's surface. Application especially before and while exercising can enhance sweating due to increased vasodilation and heat production. DripFit is also packed with natural emollients that have a 'plumping' effect, giving the skin the appearance of reduced wrinkles and lines.


In this investigational study the researchers found a positive correlation on overall weight loss, midsection and BMI reduction, core temperature and recovery rate.

The researchers used different measures to study each element to ensure they were receiving valid and accurate results. Researchers measured each participant's age, gender, height, and starting measurements (weight, BMI, midsection bodyfat caliper testing, waist measurement, belly button measurement, and hip measurement) as well as daily caloric intake for each participant. In addition, they tracked calories burned, heart rates, and overall cardio fitness scores over the course of these workouts. The use of a thermographic camera was used to get a real time imaging of core temperature of the participant(s) before and after application.

The results were extremely encouraging.

"Overall, it appears that there is a clear increase in exothermic reaction and that there is a correlation with the use of DripFit and weight reduction, toning, tightening, increased sweating and decrease muscle soreness applied areas of the user’s body,” notes N. Conley, PharmD, independent pharmacist. “It appears that results show weight loss as well as toning and tightening overall.”

In addition to reporting a slimming effect across the midsection, participants were also experiencing weight loss overall. The free responses given also showed that participants experienced decreased muscle soreness and felt safe with using DripFit.

“This product showed that when it works optimally for a patient, it does its job very well,” adds Conley.

The final results showed that DripFit is capable of helping participants lose up to 8.2 pounds across 6 weeks. It also showed a potential reduction of up to 3 inches in the midsection, with waist and hip size reduction up to 2.25 inches. Interestingly, body temperature also increased up to 8 degrees post workout where DripFit was applied.


DripFit is designed to increase vasodilation, blood flow and circulation. Vasodilation, simply put, is when your blood vessels widen. When this happens, more nutrients and oxygen can get to the muscles, which allows for better circulation and muscle efficiency. This means your muscles are able to relax and contract at a greater rate, so you can move for longer and recover faster. Being able to push the body harder, for longer, allows you to burn more calories. This can lead to improved weight loss, muscle tone (in conjunction with a weight training regime) and overall better results.


DripFit is packed with benefits beyond the sweat, but for those of you who love the sweat- how does it work? Vasodilation limits the amount of heat that leaves the body (through skin) therefore increases heat within the body. A beautiful by product of increased core temperature is increased sweat production (our body’s natural way of cooling itself!). Pairing DripFit workout intensifier with the DripFit waist band aids in better absorption of the cream and amplifies heat production through the core.


DripFit is amazing for post workout recovery as well as for people experiencing sore muscles, aches, and even headache. Opening up the blood vessels allows for better circulation and body as well as muscle efficiency.


DripFit has been shown not only to help maximize benefits of your workout by improving the amount you sweat, but to also help decrease muscle soreness and fatigue allowing your body recover faster. It gives your body what it needs in order to push harder and recover faster. Whether your goal is stretching, mobility, strength training or weight loss, DripFit can help!

So give DripFit a try if you’re looking to improve your results – it might not be too good to be true!

Here is a bit more about the company directly from the owner.


Passion for life, fitness, and overall well being is the foundation of DripFit. We believe each client and customer deserves full body and mind enhancement at a price they can afford. We do not believe there should be a price tag on health, however we do believe everyone deserves a chance to gain optimal vitality, and we strive to be the catalyst.


The creation of DripFit began in 2015, with the idea to bring health back into fitness. An idea to create something that was backed by science and made with love. Each ingredient we use has a purpose. Every ingredient is Pharmaceutical Grade and all natural; fueling your body from the inside out.


We want to educate about health and wellbeing, help enhance the way you live, and improve the way you see yourself. We are dedicated to help others live a fuller, happier, healthier life.


We have created a team at DripFit that all have the same passion, drive, charisma, and desire to make a difference in people’s lives. DripFit is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things – DripFit turned from an idea into an incredibly supportive community, a culture, a way of life. The world is limitless when we believe, and we believe in YOU!


I’m Brenley. I am a certified life coach, personal trainer, sports nutrition coach and hormone health consultant. I have worked with my dad, (Pharmacist and Master of Holistic medicine) for almost 2 decades as well as ran my own practice for the past 18 years. Having a science and natural health background, I knew there were very few safe “supplements” available for use during pregnancy, so I created DripFit- during my first pregnancy.

As a fitness competitor and health enthusiast, I wanted to have the safest pregnancy while feeling good about my body, my skin, and my health. I knew I would be going through a huge transformation and I wanted to be able to feel comfortable and confident along the way while keeping my baby safe. I also wanted to ensure I could use it postpartum while breastfeeding. I have now successfully used DripFit through 3 pregnancies and I feel like it was my secret weapon for restful sleeps, optimized workouts and of course skin conditioning.

When I was first formulating DripFit I thought of all the things that would be important to me in a product. From the integrity of the ingredients to the workout benefits, improved circulation, decreased the visibility of stretch marks and scars, safe for sensitive skin, collagen enhancing and skin hydrating. I took this as an opportunity to hit the lab and create something topical, unique and all natural.

Myself and 15 clients tested 6 different scents and formulas. We went through almost a year of tests and revisions until we got it right. The results were incredible. DripFit started to make real differences in their lives, in ways I never even considered. Their skin felt better, they felt younger, they were able to workout longer, recovering faster and they didn’t have to worry about any adverse health affects. More importantly, their confidence shot through the roof.

Our line grew based on what I felt the body needed to thrive. You have one body to live in your entire life what we put on it and in it can dramatically enhance our overall experience in our body and mind. We came out with our no BS electrolytes to compliment our DripFit cream. Our SipFit line helps to improve your mental clarity, cellular energy and your ability to revitalize your muscles and cells. Being truly hydrated can be life changing. When we sweat we lose essential electrolytes. Our body thrives when it is balanced. So REPLENISH what you’ve lost post workout!

Invest in your health. Your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Fuel your body with health. Drink water, & tons of it! Get outdoors. SWEAT! Replenish your electrolytes.

Let’s knock 2023 out of the park. We are incredibly grateful for ALL of you. Thank you for your ongoing support and your drive to help our special company get on the map and change SO MANY LIVES!

Brenley Cunningham

May 05, 2023 Optimize Team and Brenley Cunningham

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