Nutrabolics Feed Bar has hit the shelves at!

Posted by The Optimize Nutrition Team on 7th Aug 2019

Nutrabolics Feed Bar has hit the shelves at!

Nutrabolics Feed Bar 12 Pack

Nutrabolics has created a great tasting whole food protein bar that uses no fillers or artificial flavours!

Nutrabolics Feed Bar Product Highlights:

  • Whole food ingredients- Oats, honey, Nut butters, seeds and nuts
  • High Protein - 22g / bar from whey protein isolate and concentrate
  • Just under 300 Calories
  • Taste like a granola bar!

Who Would Use the Nutrabolics Feed Bar?

  • Anyone looking for a quick meal to go
  • Anyone looking to increase protein intake
  • Want a higher calorie bar that uses whole food ingredients
  • Someone tired of protein bars that don't taste good


Buy it today here!

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