• New Roots Kelp 225mg 300Tab |
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    New Roots Herbal

    New Roots Kelp 225mg 300Tab


    New Roots Kelp Kelp is a type of seaweed with a high content of Iodine, essential vitamins and mineral salts. It has a very high nutritive value, which makes it a very good remedy to maintain the proper function of the thyroid and other glands. Kelp is...

  • CanPrev Healthy Mood 90Vcap |
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    CanPrev Healthy Mood 90Vcap



    CanPrev Healthy Mood 90Vcap Managing low mood and anxiety are key stepping stones on the way to great health, and are affected by both external and internal factors. Our endocrine and nervous systems work together to create balance between our body and...

  • Purica Complete 360 Powder 100g |
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    Purica Complete 360 Powder 100g


    Purica Complete 360 Powder 100g Purica has created a synergistic blend of Ashwagandha and eight medicinal mushrooms to support immunity, strengthen the body’s response to stress and optimize health. PURICA® Complete 360 will help you...

  • Alora New Body 350g |
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    Alora Naturals

    Alora Naturals New Body 350g



    Alora New Body 350g This product is specifically great for weight loss as it features apoptogenic herbs to aid in adrenal health, appetite suppressing herbs, L-carnitine to promote fat burning/energy, Mood enhancing blend, and extra nutrients that...

  • Progressive VegeGreens 265g |
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    Progressive Nutrition

    Progressive VegeGreens 255g


    Progressive VegeGreens 255g Progressive has come created a long time favorite of green formulas with good taste compared to peers Progressive VegeGreens Product Highlights: Lots of flavours Mix of superfoods, land greens, sea vegetables, and...

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