• New Roots Kelp 225mg 300Tab |
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    New Roots Herbal

    New Roots Kelp 225mg 300Tab


    New Roots Kelp Kelp is a type of seaweed with a high content of Iodine, essential vitamins and mineral salts. It has a very high nutritive value, which makes it a very good remedy to maintain the proper function of the thyroid and other glands. Kelp is a...

  • Trophic Liquid Iodine 50ml |
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    Trophic Liquid Iodine 50ml


    Trophic Liquid Iodine 50ml Trophic has produced a pure iodine liquid that makes it easy to take your daily dose. Typically used to support thyroid function, and improved metabolism. Trophic Liquid Iodine Nutritional Facts: Medicinal...

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