BioX Protein 32 Bars 12Pack

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  • BioX Protein 32 Bars 12Pack Fudge Brownie | Optimize Nutrition
  • BioX Protein 32 Bars 12Pack Cookies & Cream | Optimize Nutrition
  • BioX Protein 32 Bars 12Pack Peanut Crunch | Optimize Nutrition


PROTEIN 32 bars are high in protein, a virtually sugar-free protein bar that leaves you wondering how we can make something taste so good without compromising the nutritional profile.

Each PROTEIN 32 bar delivers 32 grams of protein and a generous amount of fibre that will leave you satisfied and looking forward to your next guilt-free indulgence.

Unlike many competitors, we managed to develop a flavouring system that doesn’t compromise texture, and with our patented blend of sweeteners, we ensure that our bars are never too sweet or too bland.

We pride ourselves in our smooth tasting and nutritious PROTEIN 32 bars, and encourage you to make them a part of your nutrition arsenal.

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