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Wild Ridge Farms Beef Jerky 70g

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Wild Ridge Farms Beef Jerky 70g

Wild Ridge Farms Beef Jerky: Canadian Craftsmanship, Unrivaled Quality

Our Heritage Quality: Embark on a culinary journey inspired by our family kitchen at Wild Ridge Farms. Rooted in the Ottawa Valley's cooking traditions, our artisan recipes have evolved into an exceptional line of beef jerky products. Committed to excellence, we use sustainably-raised prime Canadian beef, fed on pasture, and crafted without additives—adhering to our original standards of quality.

Not Hard When Your Focus is Quality: Experience the difference with every bite of Wild Ridge jerky. Moist, tender, and slow-cooked in small batches using a real smokehouse, each batch is meticulously quality-tested. We only share what meets our discerning taste, ensuring a jerky that stands out.

Custom Flavour Blends: Indulge in the richness of Canadian ingredients with our custom marinades. Choose from the timeless Classic Original, thai green chili, sweet heat or the savory Korean BBQ—crafted to perfection for a flavor-packed experience.

The Smart Choice: Elevate your snack game with real food. Packed with high-quality protein, our beef jerky satisfies hunger faster and longer. Perfect for the gym, work, school, or your next adventure—bite the bull and feel better, be better.

Humble Beginnings: Our recipes trace back to Ottawa Valley farm tables, evolving over generations. Shared with friends and family, our meat snacks became community favorites. The leap from personal enjoyment to a market presence was spurred by the encouragement of those who appreciated our creations.

The Big Leap: In 2015, Wild Ridge Farms officially launched as a meat snacks company, driven by family values, commitment, and a love for quality. We've innovated while preserving old-school practices, slow-cooking and smoking our meats in a real smokehouse.

Who We Are Now: Wild Ridge Farms remains family-owned and operated, crafting meat snacks from 100% Canadian premium beef and ingredients. Our recipes reflect a blend of cultural culinary influences, balancing tradition with innovation. With every product, we honor our philosophy—BITE THE BULL—and proudly represent the best of Canadian craftsmanship.

Our Philosophy - BITE THE BULL: Symbolizing a daring commitment, our philosophy translates into action. From nearly selling the farm to bringing family recipes to the market, we've embraced challenges and made our mark. BITE THE BULL is our rallying cry for getting things done.

The Producers: Committed to sustainable farming and animal welfare, Wild Ridge Farms leads by example. Our auditing program ensures high standards at every stage, requiring animal welfare audits from processors and suppliers. Humane care, responsible practices, and an unwavering commitment to quality define us—setting a standard for the industry. At Wild Ridge Farms, we don't just meet expectations; we exceed them.


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